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InterCultural Awareness Skills Training

This programme can be conducted in any country/location.

Working Effectively in a Multicultural Environment

As companies expand across borders, companies no longer recruit staff from its home country.  Companies are now expanding its recruitment network across the globe.

Expatriates working in Asia encounter many situations that may be confusing and unexpected. Many of these reflect the differences between cultures. At least 20% of expatriates return home before completing their overseas assignments. Many more return home unhappy and not contributing effective in the host country. These failures are not due to technical incompetence but the maladjustment to a new and different culture. More challenges await the expatriate as Singapore is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious country. He needs to understand and adjust even more!


The main objective of this workshop is to develop in delegates, cultural awareness and global competencies that are critical for managers and executives who work, live and compete in the multicultural workplace and marketplace.

Who is this Programme For?

This programme is for directors, managers, executives and staff who want keys to working more effectively across race, culture and language differences in their organization, ways to gain respect for their own culture, and insights to leverage differences to create high performing teams. This course is specially designed for staff who want to manage the companys increasingly diverse immigrant workforce and work effectively across the global interface.


2 days


This is an experiential programme, encouraging hands-on learning through the use of videos, discussions, self-assessments and problem-solving exercises.

Programme Outline

Understanding Culture

Dimensions of Culture

Impact of Culture

Intercultural Negotiation

International Business Etiquette

Intercultural Communications

Multicultural Values

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