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Metafora Business Associates
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Work Life Consultancy & Strategies

This consultancy and training programme can be conducted in any country/location.

Is Your Company Facing These Challenges?
  • How to Remain Competitive in The Global Market Place?
  • How to Recruit and Retain Talented Staff?
  • How to Increase Creativity, Productivity and Profitability?
  • How to Respond to the Needs of Today's Workforce?

Organizations are changing...

from local businesses to global competitors. Technology has increased communication and has provided us the opportunity for the any-where, any-time office. Competition has reduced profit margins. Mergers and acquisitions have changed the structure of work and changed the psychological contract between employees and employers. Customers have increased their expectations. The nature of work has changed from production to information, knowledge and service. Yet work is fundamentally still structured based on many of the same assumptions used at the beginning of the industrial revolution when jobs were mostly assembly line manufacturing and workers were less educated and lived in extended family structures. We are living in the technology revolution and many of us are still using principles, management techniques and work processes created for the industrial revolution.


People are changing...

Today only seven percent of the U.S. population comes from a traditional family structure with a working father and a stay at home mother who cares for the children full time. Most people do not live near their retired relatives and thus do not have low cost, convenient day care. Today's work force is comprised of people who come from dual career and blended families, who are single parents, who are caring for elders as well as children. Staff who have no children are no longer willing to carry the burden of weekend and holiday overtime. Employees, no longer expect life time employment so their loyalties have changed. The values of our work force are changing. In survey after survey, work-life harmony issues emerge as key concerns that drive employees to make choices about who they will work for and what type of jobs they will do.

Our work-life services include:

  • Developing and administering needs assessment surveys;
  • Facilitating the development of a corporate work-life strategy;
  • Customising manager and employee work-life training to support your corporate business goals and values.

Up to 70% Government Subsidies:

  • Your company may be eligible for UP TO 70% subsidy for implementing Work-Life Strategies!
  • Hurry!  Contact us at (65) 9239 2391 for more details.
  • For a Limited Period only. 

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