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Metafora Business Associates
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From Our Satisifed Clients

Here are some comments from our clients...

"Consultant is very personal and provided very personised advice and service.  He provided me with the right job search skills to secure a job successfully." - Technical Manager, IT Industry.

"Keith is very professional" - Banking Industry.

"I honestly found Keith to be a knowledgeable facilitator.  Interesting and well-organised." - Banking Industry.

"Keith Teo is a very good consultant." - Banking industry.

"Keith is extremely helpful and shared many interesting insights." - Banking industry.

"Keith is very knowledgeable and informative/  Helped us to discover more about ourselves.  Course is very interesting and helped build our confidence" - Banking Industry.

"Facilitator is well prepared!  Good job - highly recommended." - Automobile Industry.

"Keith is detailed and well-versed in this session.  A good facilitator to have.  Trust this will help in my search for jobs." - Automobile Industry.

"Very interactive and facilitator has answered all questions/doubts confidently.  Would highly recommend this workshop to friends/peers.  Thanks you! - Automobile Industry.

"Keith is a very experienced presenter, who is able to bring the sessions alive and open.  Discussion and sharings were very eye-opening and helpful." - Helen, Banker.

"Now I have more confidence after attending this workshop." - Banker

"Keith showed a great deal of empathy for participant's situation and was able to answer queries well." - Banker

"It puts back the confidence.  Thank you very much!" - Banker

"Thank you for arranging the emotionally charged and spiritually uplifting sessions.  Valuable information is absorbed and deemed essential." - Banker

"Keith Teo gave us an insightful presentation and provided is with various useful pointers and tips!" - Banker

"Thank you for all your explanation, guide and tips." - Banker

"Workshop was well-presented and valuable knowledge imparted." - Banker

"Very good workshop.  I have better knowledge and confidence!" - Banker

"Beneficial to all!  Would recommend other organisations to consider the workshop!" - Banker

"Keith provided a very interesting 2-day course!  Very enlightening, informative and interesting!" - Banker

"Keith is very informative and helpful.  I am more confident after sitting through his course." - Lynn, Banker

"After the workshop, I gained full and positive confidence in my future career.  Thanks to Keith." - Jay, Banker

"Insightful workshop that does not focus on getting a job but what I want to do in life!" - Josephine, IT Consultant.

"I feel more confident and have better understanding of myself!" - Jo, PR.

"Very engaging and fun!" - Dave, Business Analysis

"Keith has an excellent style and I like the way he shared his own views and analysis with the group." - Martine, Bank Officer
"Thanks for your assistance in helping me draft my CV that clinched
the position.  Keep up your morale boosting talk!  You know, when people come to see you, it is your talk of optimism that help cheer us up and make us think it is not the end of the world." - Kannan, Knowledge Manager
"Great presentation .  Very thorough and informative!" - Jeff, Project Manager
"Was confused and had many unanswered questions prior to the workshop.  More focus and confident after the workshop." - Murni, Secretary.
"Very informative!  I am not confused now.  I have cleared all my doubts  Keith has done a good job.  Thanks!" - Jessy, Secretary.
"Keith was very thorough and friendly.  The service was very complete!" - Barry, Asia Pacific Operations Manager.
"The entire experience was excellent.  Keith did a great job," - Amit, Management Accountant.
"Keith from Metafora was very good.  He had taken pains to explain things both "theoretically" and "practically". The attention to details was good, and the planning of orientation excellent. His insights with culture were very good, and he explained things patiently." - Shanks, Vice President, Human Resources.
"Keith is very professional.  The training materials are well prepared and organised.  He has very good knowledge of the country." - Jessie, Senior Technical Services.
"Excellent service.  Exceeded my level of expectation.  Thanks!" - Steven, Management Trainee.
"Very open to questions.  Addressed issues of interest."  - Alison, Consultant.
"Enjoyable!  Fun! Informative!"  - Alastar, Consultant.
"Keith did a fantastic job.  He is an asset.  His discussion and presentation will greatly assist me and my family."  - Patrick, Project Manager.
"Keith did an excellent job in providing a "Life in Singapore" perspective in regards to expats."  - David, Engineer.
"Was an interesting day.  I came open-minded and when home more knowledgeable."  - Tony, Engineer.
"Overall a very useful programme.  Maximum impact!" - Stuart, Chief Representative.
"The one-on-one contact was perfect!"  - Cassy, Consultant.
"Keith displayed an excellent knowledge of cross-cultural issues, presented the material in an interesting and information manner, showed considerable patience with our endless questions."  - Mark, Regional Manager.

Metafora Business Associates
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