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Metafora Business Associates
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Expatriate Mentorship

Country available:  Singapore
Other countries:  Upon request.

Cedar Grove

Expatriates working in Asia encounter many situations that may be confusing and unexpected.  To help decision-making, expatriates will require the honest feedback from the ground.  Often these feedback do not represent the true response of the staff, as Asians like to give face.  Being obedient, staff will also agree with the bosses opinions.

Wrong decisions were made and projects failed because an open and honest opinion was unavailable to the decision-maker.


Expatriate Mentorship aims to provide expatriate directors and managers, a source of feedback to aid the decision-making.  The one-on-one contact allows the expatriate to ask on specific areas and to gain confidence to

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is for expatriates directors and managers who make critical decisions for the company.


Depending on the project, it can stretch up to 1 year and beyond.


This is a one-on-one discussion-based session.

Programme Outline

Will be customized accordingly to the needs of the client

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