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I-SPEAK Your Language: Communication Styles


A key element of building a successful business team in today’s culturally diverse workplace is helping your leaders and employees to communicate with customers and each other. The I-Speak Your Language® model, based on the principles of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), has been used by millions of employees in leading companies to develop critical communication skills for a wide range of applications.

The I-Speak® programme is delivered in either workshop or one-to-one format and is based on the following established principles:

  • Individuals have recognisable and preferred communication styles
  • It is possible, even after a relatively short exposure to a person, to identify his or her communication style
  • People communicate most effectively with individuals whose styles are similar to their own and have greater difficulty communicating with people who exhibit dissimilar communication styles
  • People can modify their styles to ‘speak the language’ of others

I-Speak® Questionnaire – A survey of Personal styles

The heart of the I-Speak® programme is a self-scoring questionnaire that gives employees a profile of their predominant communication style. The four main categories are Intuitor, Thinker, Senser and Feeler with back-up and ‘under-stress’ styles for each category. Designed to promote team development through increased self-awareness and identification of the styles of others, the questionnaire is used to direct discussions that help managers and employees to:

  • Maximise the strengths of their communication style
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Develop more successful business relationships
  • Learn how differences among team members enhance or hinder their ability to work effectively with each other

This short, half-day programme can bring about a dramatic change in the way team members see themselves and others. Reasons for frustrating obstacles in communication between employees in the past suddenly become clear, making way for better clarity and effectiveness of communication in the future.

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