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Expatriate Induction Programmes

Current Countries/Cities available: Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Thailand/Bangkok.

Other countries/cities: Upon request.


A first-time visitor to a country can be frightening. Where does he go from the airport? How does he get a taxi? Living and working in Singapore can be a challenging task for any expatriate. There is much to learn and to adapt. Although Human Resources Departments are entrusted the duty to provide support, they do not have the additional resources to take on the role as facilitators to orientate the "new" staff. Therefore, an expatriate is not given the opportunity to settle down, to be 'at home' and "at ease" in his new environment. Inconvenience surfaces at every moment, hence accumulating frustration. This is detrimental to anyone's morale and work performance.


This programme aims to introduce Asia to the expatriate and vice versa. It works towards enabling him to identify himself better with his new 'home', Asia. Besides, this will help him contribute immediately and effectively to the company as he had done while he was in his native country.

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is a "must-have" for first-timers to Asia. Spouses are invited to join in this programme as they will find it both informative and practical. Due to Asia's rapid development, expatriates who once lived in Asia years ago may need a refresher course.


Induction programmes consist of one-, two- or three-day orientation depending on the requirements of the client.


This is a highly interactive and flexible programme. Orientation visits will be conducted in various parts of the country and the expatriate will gain immediate knowledge of his new surroundings. There is no better way to learn about the country other than seeing and experiencing it himself! More importantly, this programme allows him to see and experience the real essence of the country that is not written in books!

Possible Programme Outline

Companies can cover the topics of their choice from those listed below:

* Orientation to Central Business District

* Orientation to Housing area

* Orientation to Industrial Estate

* Orientation to Workplace area

* Orientation to Home Residence area

* Orientation to Recreational Clubs

* Banking, immigration, health and other matters

As this programme is very flexible, you may wish to advise us any areas in Singapore that may be critical for your new expatriate to know. We can customise our programme to suit both the company's and the new expatriate's requirements.

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